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(Windows 7, 8 and 10 supported)
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(Xfce and Mate supported)
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(Only tested on Hight Siera)
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Shuttle is like a small web browser made to access faster your favorite websites and web applications.


Shuttle is free, now and forever. It's a free open-source project started in 2017, with the conviction of simplifying your life.

Improved by Contributors

As said previously, Shuttle is free, but first of all, open-source. That means peoples like you help us with their knowledge in development to improve the app.'


The major part of websites are adaptable to the Shuttle's interface. There is still some websites who aren't responsive, and we apologize.


Shuttle is regularly updated, that means, tomorrow, it will be lighter than today. We don't forget all the contributors, who help to make the app the smallest possible.

Help Us

There are many ways to help us. You can make a donation, help us in the lab to improve the source code, or simply share and talk about the app to your entourage.

Updated Regularly

All the team is up behind their screen to make the most possible updates. We are working all the day and all the night to offer you the best of Shuttle.


All you need to know about us.

— Fix icons server
— Add changelog popup
— Upgrade to electron 3.0.2
Shuttle 2.0.9

ChangelogLast features

“Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia.”
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“Redecouvrez votre façon de naviguer”
— Jhon Roogley (@Alfasticot)

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