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Shuttle is the most complete and feature-rich inventory syncing solution for Etsy & Shopify

Sync your products & reviews between Etsy and Shopify and manage your inventory with ease!


For Shops in all Shapes and Sizes

Regardless of how many products you have, what kind of variations, images, categories and tags you have – Shuttle will make sure it's all transferred, exactly how you need it.
Unlimited Products & Updates
Automatic Stock Syncing
Unlimited Reviews
Click and Forget

The Good Stuff

We know that every minute is valuable, Shuttle was designed to save as much time as possible

All Products & Variations

Transfer all products including variations, prices, SKUs, stock quantities and attributes between Etsy & Shopify.

All Product Photos

Export all images associated with each product in full quality. Featured & variations images will automatically be assigned.

Categories, Sections & Tags

Shuttle will help you organize your products' Categories and Sections as well as tag the products according to your preferences.

Automatic Stock Syncing

Sold a product in Etsy or Shopify? Shuttle will make sure to sync that stock level change between both Shops, in near real-time!

Batch Editing of Content

Remove unwanted section from your product's content (links, signatures, etc), or batch add text to all products prior to exporting.

Product Reviews

Increase customer trust by adding your Etsy Product Reviews to Shopify, with auto assigning content and selective exports based on Rating.

Add New and Update Old

Added a new images? Variations? Re-wrote the content? With Shuttle you can update previously transferred products as often as needed.

Auto-Store Reviews

Shuttle can automatically send you your recently received reviews, so you can easily import them into your Shopify shop

There are so many more features. Really.

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Shuttle's Complete Feature List

  • Unique ID
  • Assign SKUs from Etsy (Inc. Variations)
  • Auto-Generate Unique SKUs
  • Prefix SKUs to differentiate between Etsy and Shopify
  • Set Etsy ID or SKU in Barcode field
  • Import Specific Language Translations
  • Improve Title Readability by auto-trimming it during transfer
  • Batch Edit Product Content
  • Batch Remove Content from product Description
  • Batch Truncate Product description After a number of Paragraph
  • Batch Add Content to product descriptions
  • Add Product Material to Content
  • Organization Assistant
  • Assign Featured Products to a Specific Shopify Collection
  • Populate Product Type based on Categories or Sections
  • Populate Product Tags Based on Categories, Sections or current Etsy Tags
  • Exclude or Add Specific Etsy tags from Export
  • Set Custom Product Vendors
  • Stock Management
  • Batch enable/disable Stock management and/or Backorders
  • Manage Stock down to Variation Level
  • Exclude Specific Options
  • Include only Active Variations
  • Transfer Reviews
  • Auto Assign Reviews to their Shopify Products
  • Compatible with All the popular Product Review Apps
  • Set dummy names to reviewers
  • Add custom content to only-rating reviews
  • Transfer only reviews above a certain rating
  • Manually Assign custom products to reviews
  • Manually Assign custom images to reviews
  • Assign reviews without products to the Shop
  • Auto-Store Reviews
  • Transfer Products Based on:
  • The Product's Section
  • The Product's State (Active, Inactive, Draft or Expired)
  • Easily Search through Etsy and transfer specific products
  • Update previously transferred products (select what to update, ie, only titles, prices, etc)

How does it work?

It takes no more than a few clicks to get from 0 to a 100



Connect Shuttle with Shopify and Etsy and customize your settings as needed.



Run Shuttle once, twice or as often as you need to transfer and update your products and reviews.



Time to make some money, sell, sell, sell!

How does it compare?

There are more in the market, but there is only one Shuttle

How does Shuttle fare against its competition?

In the table to the right you can find a comparison between what Shuttle offers and what the main competitors offer.

We take pride in Shuttle and have been working hard to keep it the best solution on the market for 4 years straight.

Other 3rd
Party App
CSV Based
(Auto / Manual)
Can Update Products
Automatic Stock-Syncing
Can Transfer from Shopify to Etsy
Can Transfer Reviews
Auto-Export Reviews
Includes variations (with SKUs, Prices and Stock)
Batch Edit Content & Title
Exclude & Include Custom Tags
Auto-Collection Manager
Specific Product Transfer
Transfer Categories

Fair Price for Everyone

Shuttle is offered in tiered pricing - we made sure to provide plans that match shops of all sizes. All Plans are charged annually
$69 /year
For most shops


  • Up to 5,000 Products & Reviews.
  • Also transfer from Shopify to Etsy.
  • Auto Export Reviews.
  • Unlimited updates & edits.
  • Unlimited re-exports of Reviews.
$89 /year
For larger, busier shops


  • Up to 15,000 Products & Reviews
  • Also transfer from Shopify to Etsy.
  • Auto Export Reviews.
  • Unlimited updates & edits.
  • Unlimited re-exports of Reviews.
$139 /year
Go Worry free, unlimited transfers


  • Unlimited Products & Reviews
  • Also transfer from Shopify to Etsy.
  • Auto Export Reviews.
  • Unlimited updates & edits.
  • Unlimited re-exports of Reviews.

Do you have a smaller Shop? Try our Starter Plan

It includes everything the Plans above include, only less objects.
$29 /year


  • Up to 500 Products & Reviews
  • Auto Export Reviews.
  • Unlimited updates & edits.

Does Shuttle includes a Free Trial?

Yes! Shuttle starts with a free trial of 10 product transfers and 20 reviews so you can take it for a spin. If it's what you're looking for, you can upgrade to any of the above plans.

What else I need to know about the plans?

Each plan includes a quota of total objects that can be transferred within the year period of the plan. Please make sure to select the plan that matches your Shop's size.

What about Automatic Stock-Syncing?

Automatic Stock Syncing is offered as an add-on to the regular yearly plans. Syncing plans start from $9USD/month. You can learn more about it in Shuttle's dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial?

Yes! Shuttle starts a free trial in which you are able to test a transfer of 10 products and 20 reviews.

What happen if I uninstall Shuttle?

Uninstalling Shuttle will cancel any future charges for the following period (year). Re-installing Shuttle results in a full charge, even if made within the period of cancelled plan. There is no pro-rating.

This behaviour is as-per Shopify's recommendations and cannot be changed.

Can I transfer from Shopify to Etsy?

Yes! You can transfer products from your Shopify shop to your Etsy shop, please note that Shuttle is not able to perform batch transfers of products, only singles or queue.

I don't have SKUs, what can I do?

If you used Shuttle to transfer your products, you don't need SKUs to export reviews.

If you only want to transfer reviews, and don't have SKUs - Shuttle provides several ways to easily assign products to reviews directly from its Dashboard.

What do I need to transfer Reviews?

You'll need a product reviews app in your Shopify shop (to manage and display your reviews). That's it :)

Shuttle is compatible with all popular product review apps, so the one you choose is most likely compatible with Shuttle, in case you select one that's not - let us know and we'll add support!

Can I also transfer order / customers?

No. Shuttle was written to save merchants as much time as possible maintaining matching inventories. Orders and Customers are not transferable.